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Renowned fusion guitarist and Musicians Institute guitar instructor Scott Henderson sits down with Jude Gold to share compelling and clever ways to use the pentatonic scale. Filmed in the concert hall at Musicians Institute. For more information on GIT, the Guitar Program at Musicians Institute, click to http://www.mi.edu.

Clever stuff, and some great demonstrations of how to lift phrases rhythmically.

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There’s a great interview with Kenny Burrell in the¬†Guitar Player Vaults.

Kenny talks about his early development, his influences, how he got into professional playing, his artistic philosophy and his equipment.

If, like me, you think Kenny Burrell is one of the really significant figures in jazz guitar then click on the link and enjoy the read.

The edition also features a classic Guitar Player interview with James Honeyman-Scott, lessons with Mike Stern and Leslie West, three FREE full-song transcriptions, and much more.

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Stanley Jordan is one of those guitarists who just goes his own way and develops a unique style and sound. He’s taken the two-handed tapping technique and developed it in a highly original way. And we’re not talking metal here, but jazz.

The two-handed technique allows him to combines chord work, melody, bass and counterpoint in his playing, sometimes on two guitars simultaneously. He normally tunes them in fourths, E РA РD РG РC РF,

Jazz might be his mainstay, but here’s a cool clip of him interpreting a rock masterpiece – Stairway To Heaven.

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