Private lessons

Ashdown Guitar Lessons will help you play guitar the way you’ve always wanted to. Want to improve your…

  • guitar chords?
  • solo playing?
  • fingerstyle?
  • classical?
  • jazz?
  • blues?

Congratulations – you’re in the right place!

I’ve had a fantastic time going to Andy’s lessons, it’s had massive benefits for both my technical ability and enjoyment of guitar…

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Andy is a masterful teacher with a depth and experience that really allows you to continually have those “A-Ha ” moments, that you feel you have unearthed with his expert guidance. 

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I would have no hesitation to recommend Ashdown Guitar Lessons to anyone and at whatever level they are at with guitar. 

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Why guitar lessons?

Perhaps you’ve heard of guitarists who never took a lesson in their lives and just seem hard-wired to play. You may even know one or two. But when you discover what some of the very greatest guitarists say about having lessons it’s clear that there can be huge benefits from getting some expert tuition. These include:

  • Working with an objective expert who can spot the flaws and obstacles to your development and help you overcome them effectively and quickly
  • Building on your teacher’s hard won experience to make the most of your practice time, get a great tone and translate your ideas into actually making music, whatever the style
  • Widening your horizons and finding that you can play and enjoy music you never thought possible
  • Staying engaged, challenged and motivated – more important than you might think when you hit a plateau or feel that you’re not progressing

Personal lessons are tailored to you and what you want to achieve. You’re directed to the resources that are just right for your particular needs, instead of wading through countless books, YouTube videos and internet pages. Some of those can be pretty poor quality. And none of them listen to you play, give you feedback and tell you how to fix any problems.

Learn the way that’s best for you

You should have fun learning to play guitar, but it’s a serious undertaking too. I’ll teach you the songs, riffs, licks and solos that you want to learn. And I’ll show you how to develop your skills and potential.

Wherever you are in the world you can get high quality, effective guitar tuition. If you live near Forest Row (RH18) lessons can be face-to-face. If you’re anywhere else in the world you can have online one-to-one tuition using Zoom, or whatever platform you prefer.

I have an enhanced DBS certificate, giving parents and carers peace of mind that their children will be safe at Ashdown Guitar Lessons.

DBS Checked

Get more information. Book an introductory lesson. Talk to me. You can call me on 01342 823430, email ashdownguitar@gmail.co.uk or use the contact page on this website

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