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With only 33 days until Christmas here are some ideas for gifts and stocking fillers for the guitar-person in your life. If that’s you, then drop some hints to your significant other!

All these items are available through the Ashdown Guitar Lessons Store, powered by Amazon.co.uk

(Prices may vary. Correct at 21st November 2012)

Stagg SGA108BJ Stand Stagg SGA108BK Foldable Universal A Accoustic & Electric Guitar Stand
From Stagg. Avoid guitar accidents with a safe stand.
List Price: £14.99
Price: £9.89
Yamaha_F310_pack Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar Pro Pack
From Yamaha. Excellent starter pack.
List Price: £149.99
Price: £131.42
Dunlop Lok Straps Pair of Jim Dunlop Lok Straps
From Jim Dunlop. Protect your electric or acoustic guitar by using a Lok Strap to secure the strap properly.
Price: £3.30
Yamaha Pacifica 012 Yamaha Electric Guitar & Basic Pack – Pacifica 012 (Black)
From Yamaha. Great package for a first electric.
List Price: £232.00
Price: £185.00
Korg TUAW2G guitar tuner KORG TUAW2G Guitar tuner
From Korg. Accurate clip-on tuner to help keep your guitar perfectly in tune.
Price: £16.95
Fast Fret Fast Fret Strings cleaner
From GHS. Keeps strings bright and lasting longer.
Price: £6.99
Farleys Stageplayer II Guitar Stool Farleys Stageplayer II Guitarist Stool and Stand
From Farleys. Revolutionary, folding guitar stand & stool with foot rest.
List Price: £62.95
Price: £50.26

These and thousands of other gift ideas are at the Ashdown Guitar Lessons Store, powered by Amazon.co.uk

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Ashdown Guitar Lessons is delighted to make available to everyone who wants it a set of charts giving fretboard patterns for Major scales and their associated Major 7th arpeggios.

Major scales snapshot

If you didn’t know, it all starts here. From these scales you can derive all the other modes/scales and their arpeggios. We’ll be making other sets available over time that spell out exactly how to do this and how to put all this good theory to work in your improvisation.

The approach is based on that of Jimmy Bruno, Jody Fisher and others – if you haven’t checked out their work you’re doing yourself a disservice.

This is foundation stuff on which everything else is built and it’s essential for any improvising guitarist. These scales and arpeggios should be practiced in all keys every day until you can play them in your sleep. Then play them in your sleep as well!

Check out the page here.

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Here’s a great video on making your own professional grade cables for guitar (and other equipment). Apart from the rather cheesy beginning and ending this is a really clear and well put together tutorial, presented by Robert Hull of TubeDepot.com

If you’re confident with a soldering iron you can:

  • save yourself a fortune
  • make sure you never have dodgy cables in your signal path

Bad cables are a total pain, causing noise and signal drop out. And tracking down the source of the problem can frustrate you and eat up your time if you have anything more than the most basic set up.

Key message: roll your own, and relax!


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Interesting news from Digitech in an article from GuitarPlayer.com

DigiTech announces the introduction of its HardWire V-10 Power Block 10-Pedal Isolated Power Supply, a top-quality pedalboard power supply with 10 fully isolated outputs that deliver dependable, noise-free power for effects pedals.

“A guitarist’s pedalboard is only as good as its power supply,” said Scott Klimt, marketing manager for DigiTech.. “We designed the V-10 Power Block to be the best power supply on the market and give musicians the best sound and performance from all of their effects pedals, night after night.”

The HardWire V-10 Power Block features 10 totally isolated high-current outputs and a shielded low-stray-field toroidal transformer to eliminate hum and noise that can be caused by ground loops and interference. Four 9-volt outputs are provided, along with two pairs of 9V/12V merge-able outputs for power-hungry digital pedals, and two outputs with variable voltage from 5 to 12 volts.The HardWire V-10 Power Block is built road-tough with a heavy-grade aircraft aluminum chassis that allows for maximum heat dissipation.

Measuring 7.5″ x 3.5″ x 2.2″, the V-10 mounts perfectly under Pedaltrain pedalboards. It utilizes standard 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel jack connectors and delivers 1200mA total DC current. The V-10’s front-panel LEDs provide ready indication of output jack status. The V-10 comes with 17 DC power cables from 18″ to 30″, including 2.1mm and 2.5mm barrel plugs with positive (+) and negative (-) centers, 3.5mm phone plugs and 9V battery clip.

The DigiTech HardWire V-10 Power Block carries a six-year warranty and will be available in October 2012 with a suggested retail price in the USA of $299.

(Ashdown Guitar Lessons adds: no news yet on a UK or European price, but this looks like one to keep a eye on.)

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I’ve been playing guitar literally for decades, and teaching for almost as long. That means I’m experienced in a wide range of styles, and in communicating the basic principles behind all guitar playing.

Andy Evans

Andy Evans

I teach from my dedicated music room in my home in Forest Row. Most of my teaching is one-to-one, though I can also teach groups and classes.

For more information or to book an introductory lesson, call me on 01342 823430. Or you can email me on andy@digicord.co.uk

Find out more…

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